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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cherished Moments

Oh my god. Feels like I'm dreaming while typing for this blog right now. :D

Yeaaaaahh. I know. It's been a while! The last time I wrote was like YEARS ago. I keed :p 

Blog check: 4 months. Yes. It's been 4 months since I stopped blabbing here. :|

OK. Sorry. Tao lang lol but seriously, I really am sorry for not getting in touch with you ya'll. I know I created this blog to give you important beauty updates, or to whatever things goin around me but yeah, sweet busy months run over me. I've been a busy mom. And finally became a busy wife :D. Yay if you are one of those who kept the glow after the stressful days! Keep glowing! :D

Anyways, within that short span of time, I still can't believe good things happened. To give you some highlights on my busy days, we celebrated my son's Christening, tied the knot with my 5year relationship, went to Palawan and etc.

Alrytie, let's do the photo sharing! :D

First of, I did my son's personalized invitation card. ;)
(this was done in Picnic and Photoscape.)

at Our Lady of  Abandoned Church, Marikina. My hubby is carrying our newly Christened boyby lab (it's a cute name for baby love :p). 

Reception follows at Cafe Kapitan, Marikina. This is really a good spot because it's just located right along the Church where Nathan's Christening was held. Their interiors were amazing and they serve traditional  Filipino food which I think was excellent.
(photo by allovermarikina)

Thanks to my beloved sister Joy and my cousin RB. They were able to take care of the decoration and stuff inside the venue. You guys have done a good job! :D I swear, taking out all the balloons and decor, the place will remain in 1950's. lol :D 

(the caption date is crazy, please dont mind it =)))

Nathan and Momy with my voluptuous :p cousin and Nathan's ninang, ate Aina. She's single. You can take her out. LOL love you te Ains.:)  

with my long time BFF and Ninang, Jhoanna. She, too, is single. :D
oh btw, for EOTD, I'm wearing a smokey neutral eye make-up and mauvey lips from Ever Bilena. Channel foundation works really good. 

posing with my hot moma girl friend and also, Nath's Ninang, Glecy. OMG. Yes. She's single too! Yay for single ladies! LOL

Look how we dressed-up! Classic 50's baby!  Love it! :D

Now, for my wedding :D, I honestly haven't uploaded our photos anywhere yet since we've been pretty much busy with our schedules, but because I've missed my blog so much, you guys can take a peak on one of our sorta wacky photos taken during our wedding day. :D I promise to upload all the picture soon, but really, not now. :*

Whew.. :D As much as I wanted to upload our photos during our Puerto Princesa Palawan trip, it'll going to be a loooooooong picture sharing moment. LOL! So let me just post another awesome blog for that including our vid clips next time. :D

In my upcoming beauty blog, I can't wait to share with you what's inside my newest make-up set from Prettypink Cosmetics. :)
I got two words for this.. HAPPY THOUGHT :D)

That's pretty much it for now. We are celebrating holy week here in the Philippines. I hope that everyone is having a blessed day. 

Thanks for reading everyone! :D