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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Greeting from Philippines, pretty ladies!

It's been a year now since I am using these two babies, and as you can see, you can probably tell which of the two I am using more often. ;) 

Hold on pretties, don't give your conclusions just yet, like, "Oh, i think the photoready works well because the bottle looks nearly empty." :D LOL

 Comparing these two brand was never easy for me since they both work amazingly. But course, one way or another, you'll get to see the difference specially when you are using it  on a daily basis. 

Let me start off by giving you the details of each product. :)


What the product says?

Super blendable liquid foundation. It has SPF 17 | PA++.
New with Hyaluronic acid. Skin is hydrated all day.
New ultra-fine pigments for an even more precise match with your skin tone.
Outstanding coverage for a flawless natural make-up result. Your skin simply made perfect.


What the product says?

It has SPF 20/FPS 20.
Perfected airbrushed skin in any light.
Complete coverage. Oil free. Fragrance free.

4 criterias when choosing the right foundation


Revlon has a higher SPF than L'oreal.
A good number of SPF will keep you protected from sun's harmful elements and prevents your skin from ageing. On the other hand, L'oreal contains Hyaluronic acid which can keep your skin hydrated and keep it more youthful and radiant.

WIN:    L'oreal. 



Believe me, you can already buy an eyeliner with 60php. LOL

WIN: Revlon Photoready.


L'oreal, is super lightweight and blendable. It's like, not wearing any foundation at all. It's good for a regular use everyday.
Revlon has a bit heavier texture. It's thicker and it contains a very light shimmer. Blendable and has an outstanding coverage. Both are oil free for me.

WIN: Both.


Out of the camera lens, both have no cakey look appearance. They obviously hide face impurities such as blemishes, pimple scars etc.(depending on the coverage).
As you can see on the picture below, Revlon has a highlighting effect because of it's shimmer. It looks so perfect and  I love it!
 The SPF of both product did not really make my face appeared white on the picture as what I was expecting. My skin looks healthy fair.

                   L'OREAL TRUEMATCH                                   REVLON PHOTOREADY
                            N4 Nude Beige                                                 004 Nude NU

I bought my L'OREAL baby sometime in the month of May, when my summer escapade in Boracay and Palawan was completely over. I just thought of buying a foundation that would match my skin tone since I had my skin a bit tanned and all I need was a foundation that would blend well with my skin tone.

Meanwhile, I know that my "lovely tan" (errrr) shall pass. After 3 months of of wearing my natural skin color(believe me, that was the real me, LOL.), the fair skinned princess came back.  I am not really the type of person who's picky when it comes in choosing the the right foundation. Concealer is my best friend and I can live with it like forever. :D

But since I started my career as a freelance make-up artist, I had to choose the right foundation that has a good formula and long lasting. In lieu to that, I've seen a lot of good reviews about Revlon Photoready so I just thought of giving it a try.

WIN: Revlon Photoready

Score beautyboard check, it's a 1/3 result. Revlon Photoready won the crown!
I believe that a good coverage can also be attained using a good brush and the how you blend it. Whenever I use these products, I make sure to blend it very well whether in a full coverage or just targeting a certain 
Blending is the key, indeed.

What about you? Have you tried using these product? Which one do you love most?

I hope this one would help you in choosing your foundation.
Thanks for reading!