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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Pink Make-up Set Review

Woah. I was stunned by the new look of dashboard! :D

Oh well, if you're a blogger in this site, you'd definitely know what I am talking about. Wew. It feels weirdo but anyway, thank goddesses of beauty, because I'm back to blogging! Yay! :D

So since I've posted -- and yeh, promised that I would blog about my new make-up set, here, take it. . . . with a hot coffee dear. . . :D

Can you imagine my face the time I received this? :D :D :D Yeh, that big smile! This was given to me as a gift by a very dear person. She knows that I am really into make-up now, and thinks that I could use them on my make-up gigs and to my own make-up tutorials. How thoughtful is that! Thank you! Thank you! And thank you, Tita!  :) 

I still can't believe she carried this stuff all the way from London to PI. Seriously. It's a bit heavy and huge. It could occupy a whole luggage bag. I swear! haha! Well aside from this, she also brought me other stuff. :| She's really one of the most wonderful and thoughtful person I've known.  :')

                               Alright. So what's up with the alphanumeric codes, Sushee? :p
Yeah. I was suppose to make color swatches when my camera died. Gave-up. For I dunno reason. :( 

So there. This 4 layers are all from the left side of the make-up kit. All B's are blushers and bronzers. E's are eye shadows. I noticed that the colors on this side are more like dramatic or heavy. L's are all lipstick. L1 is a nude lip color. The two white colored tubes on the fourth layer are foundations. It has a light and dark colored foundations.  

The codes from above applies also here except from the lower layer. It has a face powder and a puff that you could use to apply the face powder. I'm just a bit disappointed because the face powder is single, it means there is no other choice for any type of skin tone. :| Most of the eye shadow colors here are summery. I love it! :)

The make-up has no manual or tags. I got really confused of what's the use of what. :| Those 3 container glasses I think are eye shadows. The first time I thought was a lip gloss or something because it is a bit oily and has shimmer. But then I tried using it for the eyes as an eye shadow base and it works. So I guess I'll just use it that way. LOL!

Nail colors are soooooo pretty. The colors has shimmer which I really love. Couldn't describe more. :)

I'm sure you can see those lipsticks sitting on third layer. This is how they look like. Pretty. Say something about its color too! ;)

Swatches of lippies

Mascaras, pencil liners, brushes and applicators can be seen over there. :D It was really funny that I wasn't the first one to discover where it's located. My niece did! haha :D

Cases are plastics and detachable. You don't need to worry if you run out of everything. Just take it out of the layers then you can instantly replace them with other make-up stuff. Cool. ;)

Brushes, lip liners, and other applicators are standing beside the magic mirror! 

My happy thoughts:

I think it costs around 3000php. It's a complete set. Reasonable enough.

Liquid foundations are amazing. It's matte. It blends on skin very well.

The eyeshadow colors are well pigmented. The lipstick are in good quality and I love the colors too.

Fragrance free.

My not-so-happy thoughts:

I wish they could provide a more useful brushes. I wish it's more soft and dense.  :D

I made a Bratz Doll Make-up Look using this Pretty Pink Make-up. Yep, she's real. Breathing like you! haha

Thanks for reading everyone! I believe it's now bedtime. So sleepy. Let me know what you think about this. Have you already use Pretty Pink Cosmetics? Comment freely.