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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make-up Session with my College Friends

Hello beauties! :)

I wonder how everyone celebrated their Independence day. :D 
Well, not literally spending the day at Emilio Aguinaldo's house :D but, of course, I am talking about being 'independent' from work or anything that's making you buzz all day. Some of you might spent the whole day with family, friends, bf/gf or maybe had a wonderful date with your dog. :D 

Asking me, well I don't have a dog. But I got to spend the whole day with the most adorable kid in the world. My son. :)
Lazying in bed while listening to the pouring rain outside the house was the best idea than going out to the mall yesterday. And yeah, surfing the net. :D
Facebook statuses yesterday was crazy. It's all about Independence. Independence from so-called 'Relationship'. :p
Yay! If you are one of them. :D 
As long as you're happy. Be. It's more healthy than keeping someone who gives a sack full of stress. Right? :D

Anyway,  weeks ago, I had two lovely visitors who knocked at my door and created chaos inside my room. :D They are my college friends who are surprisingly(or not at all :|), addictive to make-up too. 
They carried all their make-up stuff at our house to share thoughts regarding our addiction or should I say, interest. ;)


I know, I lied when I said "ALL", because obviously, it's not their complete set. Grrr.. I hate the fact that there's still more!!! :(((
I badly wanna see it, but hey, I'm sure there will always be another make-up session!
This religious gathering will not be complete without MAKE-OVERS!  :D

Here's the make-up look that we were able to create. Ooops.. I didn't tell them I gave it some crazy names. LOL!

Micah's Deep Dark Secret
This will remind you of Phan's Metallic night. Here, I only use grey, silver and black to rock her mono-lid eyes.

Perfect for night-out!

Pinky's Candy Eyelicious
This look is fun, playful, exciting, bold, cheer, and happyness. 
Call it Independence, baby! 

Stolen pictures are fun, right? :D

Aquatic Eye
It happens when blue meets green. Simply perfect. If you are wonderin how I did this look, click here)

They were able to taste my epic lasagna. Say, something bad gilrs or no more make-overs! LOL

What a fun and crazy afternoon catching up and sharing thoughts with the same interest! It's good to see someone whom you've been everyday in school for years. I'm so glad the first session went well though I still need their hands on make-over. GRRRR... you girls still owe me ah! :D

Again, it's bedtime! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we do. :D

Have you given a friend a make-over? It's fun, right? :)



  1. nice makeup!!! moreover making over friend....really fun:)
    btw mind tofllw each other?

    1. Thank you Jessille! Sure! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. love the creative and colorful makeup look ^_~