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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Glaminar Make-up Artistry: Basic Makeup Workshop Batch 1

 How's your weekend so far, my babies?

June 9 was a blast! 
I was able to become part of the FIRST batch of Glaminar Make Up Artistry's Basic Makeup Workshop. 
YAY! If you are also one of  the FIRST batch! :D

Hmm.. you gals might be wonderin' how on earth was I able to know about this awesomeness. Well, I found it on Ms. Ana Patricia Mendoza's fan page. As y'all know (or maybe not yet :p), I am a huge fan of this Doll. All her works are amazing. And what I love most about this Filipina make-up guru, is how she exhibited enormous dedication towards her career at a very young age. I'm very glad that she can now share that God-given talent to us through  Glaminar Make Up Artistry!  

Our Instructor - Makeup Artist Ms. Ana Patricia Mendoza 
Ana Patricia is a self-taught freelance makeup artist. She started getting professional work at age 17.
In January 2011, she did the makeup for ABS-CBN 'Imortal' where she did the vampire makeup look for the male models, groomed actor Jake Roxas and retouched actress Francine Prieto. Ana Patricia is also a guest makeup artist at MAC Rockwell Branch. Over time, she has done numerous makeup for weddings,debuts,fashion shows,pageants,print ads,and other events.

On November 2011, she started her own beauty blog. A month after, she received her first ever HD Camera from her sister as a christmas gift. Ana uploaded her first makeup tutorial on Youtube on the 1st day of January 2012. With her first video gaining a thousand views in a short time, Dollface Cosmetics made her an amabasadress for the brand. More sponsorships for her blog also followed. To date, she is the youngest professional makeup artist in town.

Not only is she a makeup artist, Ana likes to create art by painting and sketching. She is a graduating student at Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology taking up Computer Graphics Design. She enjoys being influenced from surrounding artworks when she creates an original look. Although she's into high-fashion looks, she makes sure beauty doesn't get left behind.
-- Glaminar Make Up Artistry 

Going back to the workshop, I really thought that I couldn't get myself on time in the venue since I went at my cousin's wedding in Pangasinan the day before the workshop. So I transformed myself into a wonderwoman as I took the road over SCTex (where they said to be a more easier access, but since I fell asleep in the car , I still can't tell if it really is :| ) in going back to Manila . 

Still, afterall the road drama, I was able to make it in TM Kalaw Center. Haggard looking above everyone's freshness! :D 
I arrived a bit late, like how I thought would happen. :( Though I've missed the skincare lecture (which is the first part of the workshop), I just thought of catching up myself what I've missed using the free manual. Anyway, anyone can always ask the instructor, Ms. Ana, about the lecture. She's very approachable and always sees to it that everyone was doing their make-up properly all throughout.

The girls gone Gaga over the Make-up Buffet
Believe me, EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE IS NEW! From make-up to brushes to mirrors, you will surely enjoy it's freshness! :D
I actually brought my own brushes(Marrionaud's), but  Beauty Cosmetics tunned me with their brushes! GAWD, it's so soft and dense. :D Couldn't actually describe more of its goodness. Now, I'm thinking of getting a set soon. I also can't get over with that face primer which I am holding right there. It's L'Oreal Paris Base Magique. It blends on the skin easily, leaving it so smooth with a fresh scent of smell. Truly a must-have! 


Here are the highlights that Ms. Ana tackled during the workshop..

Basic Foundation Routine 
Lipstick & Blush Application 
Highlighting & Contouring 
Tools & Brushes 
Brows 101 
‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look 
Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup 
Smokey Eye for Nightime 
Hands-on Makeup Application 

These are just the basics but I must say that all the topics she discussed are quiet impressive and very useful. Anything you need to know as a make-up starter or even as a pro will be discussed here! This is actually better than the 2 workshops that I have attended which was held by Majolica Majorca and Clinique (maybe because it's free and intended for marketing purposes :p).

   Now, in hands on application, I took pictures of myself  from time to time wearing a 'No make-up Make-up Look, Quick and Easy Everyday Make-up and Smokey Eye for nighttime.
Enjoy my vanity! :))

No Make-up Make-up Look
After skincare, conceal imperfections, powder, line your brows with brown pencil liner as well as the lash line, curl lashes, apply mascara, blush, and top it off with nude lips. You may contour lightly to give your face a more definition.

Quick & Easy Everyday Make-up
Same routine goes here except on a more defined brows, light eyeshadow (usually matte browns) and minimal amount of liquid foundation.

If you are a big fan of contouring and highlighting, you will definitely   enjoy this workshop! See how I slimmed down my face. From cheeky to chic! Lol :D

Yay! Finally, I was able to experience the Naked Palette. I chose to wear a sunkissed eyes for everday look. :D

Smokey Eye For Nighttime 
VAVAVOOM. Make-up gets more heavier this time. Believe me, this look can't stand-out with out the blackest eyeshadow from Sleek, NYX black pencil liner, and my lips rocked by LA colors! And oh, don't forget the falsies! ;) Thanks to my new found friend, Ana. She chose the right color for my lips based on my skin tone. :D 

Taken after she did my brows.. Sweet! 

Photoshoot! Yep, baby! Once you're done with all the hands-on application, with beauty and glamour, you will see yourself through lenses so make sure you bring your most fancy clothes and of course, don't forget to wear your best SMILE! :) :) :)

(My picture taken during the shoot is still under process. *patiently waiting* ;))

Of course the workshop wouldn't be complete without the heavenly lasagna, delicious brownies and cream puffs from Contis, bread and sandwiches, coolers, and yep, for those who can't live without caffeine( like me :p ), unlimited COFFEE. 

Enjoy yummy servings! :)

See that? It's MINE. MINE. MINE. :))

Meeting amazing bloggers and friends are one of the things that I enjoyed in this event! Love 'em! :)
With pretty Celline of Product Arena by Celinne, and beautiful Ana on my left! :)

And a lot more friends!

This is the best part, all of us, pretty ladies went home with a bag full lovely goodies and a certificate of completion! Yay! :D

Love, Love, Love
              FABSHOPAHOLIC, Elf, and Red Jhelli!

See more photos during this workshop in Glaminar Make Up Artistry facebook page. :)

Even though this is their first time to conduct this kind of workshop, it went out to be a fun-filled day full of learning! It was supposed to be a 5-hour event but since we are talking about fun, we were extended to almost 7 hours without even noticing the time! :D :D :D P2600 is so worth it! 

Right now, I am looking forward to the Advance Make-up Workshop which will be held soon! It's crazy but yeah, I am getting more excited as I get closer to the Airbrush Make-up Workshop! Wohooo! :D

Thanks to Glaminar Make-up Artistry for bringing us such glamorous workshops!

Yay, Batch 2 is coming! 
So you better reserve your slots now because seats are limited! ;)


Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

Thank you for reading!
I hope to see ya'll soon! 



  1. Nice meeting you there Socel =) hihi.. add mo ko wohoo.. sana classmates ulit tayo sa advance workshop =)

  2. Hello! Sure sis! See you on Advance make-up soon! hehe

    I'll check your blog and follow ah! Mwahs

  3. Hi sweetie, thanks for following my blog! I so love your kikay blog too!

    I hope I can attend this kind of seminar too, I have very little knowledge about make up.. I only use blush-on (where I'm not good at) and lipgloss!

    1. Thanks dear!

      Anyway, sure you can attend the seminar! ;) It is open to all pros and starter out there. Are you living in Manila? Coz if you are, you'd find it easier to get there.

      I'm sure you'll learn and will have so much fun in this workshop just like do! :)

  4. what an awesome post!! I love the makeup looks -- gorgeous!!

    1. Omg! Thanks for dropping by here at my page Maryam! I'm loving and been diggin all your make-up looks! Thank you dear! :)

  5. Great post! The workshop looks incredibly informative on top of being fun. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. those red lips are killer! looking very glam! :P

    1. Definitely! Thanks for dropping by dear! :)

  7. hi! great post on the workshop, i also attended but I was in the 5th batch already. :) I also attended the first Advanced workshop. :)

    Drop by my blog? :)
    Dainty MD

  8. Hi there Dainty Baby! Glad you were able to join the workshop! Hope you had fun in there and I hope to meet you on their upcoming events! will definitely visit your blog! thanks! :)