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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photoshoot: Fun and Magical Look; and a sultry Cat Eye for Round Eye Look

Happy 1st day of July everyone! :)
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far.

Mine went well. A bit busy and lazy. I am so enjoying the weather today. Perfect time for sleep marathon. :D 
The rain pours really hard. Just like what I was expecting. Praying. Wanted. 
My day didn't end up only in my bed though. I got to meet two of my photog friends earlier to talk re our incoming photo shoot this month. *excited* But let's not get into that for now. :D 

Hmmm.. I am actually thinking of what I am going to post to uplift your Sunday mood. A haul? about mascaras? or, a photoshoot maybe?

Ok. There ya go. A photoshoot. :D

So last Friday, I had a collaboration shoot with a very talented photographer, Don Clavo De Comer. He is more like a travel photographer. His works are amazing and must I say, full of art. :D I really admire photogs who has a deep passion with everything around him. Not only with sexy women. LOL!
He said that the concept is to create a close portrait shoot like salon posters. Something that showcases my ability in make-up artistry. He informed me like four days before the shoot. Oh boy, I know! Yep. That fast!
I was like, what am I going to create? Think, Sushee, think!  :D

So here, are some of the photos taken during the shoot..  I hope ya'll enjoy the looks I created! :)
All photos are owned by the photographer.

Photographer: Don Clavo De Comer
HMUA: Socel Laurente Ferrer (sushee)

Fun and Magical Look

(raw picture)

Model: Raissa Baylas
Photographer: Don Clavo De Comer
HMUA: Socel Laurente Ferrer (sushee)

Please help me name this look! haha I'm having a brain fart. :))

Raissa with me, highlighting.

Model: Majo Valdez
Photographer: Don Clavo De Comer
HMUA: Socel Laurente Ferrer (sushee)

Perfect Round Eye--Cat Eye

She plays with the camera very well! :D

Too bad I wasn't able to take my own pictures using my digicam. I was so busy doing their hair and make-up. I admit, I suck at multitasking! Argh. :|

Anyway, this is all for tonight.
Time to get more sleep. I wanna rape this kind of weather. LOL

See you again babies!



  1. Wow, the photos are fab! Perfect combo.. an awesome make-up artist plus a great photog!! Love!

  2. loving all the looks!! super gorgeous ^_~

  3. OMG. this is so fab dear! ;)

  4. OMG! I so love the first look :) So colorful and fun :0 I hope we could follow each other's blog :)

  5. @Grean and Sheena Fiel Dalman - Thank you! :)

  6. WOW, nice job.

    new follower here, hope you can visit and follow my blog.