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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bestfriend's Delight!

Ever Bilena Cosmetics had recently release a promo for all the Bestfriends on earth which they called 'the Bestfriend's delight!" I got really excited because of the prizes so I texted my bestfriend (who also happened to be my best sister :p) right after and asked her if she would like to join the contest with me. She was really cool and got really excited as well so we scheduled our pictorial right then. But since we both have our own priorities, we weren't be able to take a picture on the days that we would always planned to. And just yesterday.. finally, we were able to do it with this amazing EVER BILENA EXTREME RED LIPSTICK! Yay! :p  

Well, t'was a pretty much mini pictorial so we made ourselves really pretty. :p

TAKE 1 :

TAKE 2 :

TAKE 3 :

and finally.. the one I posted on their Fan Page..
TAKE 4 :

The mechanics of the game is very simple. Bestfriends should take a photo together with the EVER BILENA EXTREME RED LIPSTICK and post their picture on Ever Bilena Cosmetics Fan page.

There are 3 reasons why I wanted to win this game.
  1. I want the BEAUTY LOOT BAG! I've been a fan of Ever Bilena since I was in college. Their products are really competitive in terms of look and quality. Also, since I just started blogging about beauty and make-up tips, I think the loot bag has the make-up essentials that can help my tutorials. :p Anyways, here are some of their products that you may find in my make-up kit. ;)

      2.  I want to be part of DAIANA MENEZES PHOTOSHOOT this September!  Oh boy, need I say more? ;) 
          3. I want to get featured in their Magazine! One word. PLEASE?! :D


There is only one way to win this game. I need your LIKES over Facebook!

Here's how: 
  1. Like Ever Bilena Cosmetic Inc. Fan Page. Here's the linky,
  2. Like our photo entry. Here's also the linky,

    Guys, I badly need your LIKES! :D I would absolutely appreciate your cooperation! I'm gonna blog it on as soon as we won. Oh, the promo runs until September 16, 2011 @12 noon. hugs&kisses*

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