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Friday, August 26, 2011

An Introduction to my Blog. =)

God himself was perfect that's why I believe Eve was created by God with an amazing beauty that all of us, woman, inherited. Her blood runs through our veins and so with the beauty that overflows in the entire womanity. That natural beauty is given for a purpose. And that purpose, is not only to please your man or anyone, but also to please the One who created that amazing face and body of yours. Beauty may come from within, but seeing it before eyes is sometimes mistaken because some of us mismanaged what was given to us. Yes, we are beautiful, we have our own uniqueness, but to stay that way is a choice. We are now living in a world that is full of imperfection, blemish, and a lot of stress. And I know you'll agree that all those negativity may reflect on one's appearance. How? Try to look at someone (somehow you knew or a friend of yours) sitting right next to you at this very moment or the one you will encounter after reading this and tell me what you see. Can you see any glow? or just a cloudy face? Since you knew that person, why do you think he/she looks that way?

Go, gossip girls! :p

Maintaining a  positive outlook in life makes a lot of difference than the one who's fully charged of negativity. Untie yourself from any hatred. Move on and forget if you got hurt real bad. Never let your beauty suffer from all those negative thoughts. I think that is the first advice that I wanna share to the girls who really wanted a long-lasting and glowing beauty inside and out. Hence, that's the beauty of Pinay to me. Gentle. Caring. Simple. Elegance. :)

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