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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Long and rainy weekend was over. The good thing about long weekends I guess is that, you could spend enough time catching up with your family. Coffee consuming under the cold weather. Foodtripping. Laughing out loud with my cousin's green jokes (FYI, there are 3 gays that i know in my relatives so imagine whenever we get to see each other. It's like we're hanging out in a comedy bar). LOL! It was really a good time. How I wish I could make it more longer. :D

Another good thing happened was, me and my sister were able to shoot for Bestfriend's Delight promo. Good thing I was able to buy the Extreme Red Lipstick before the long weekend. I bought mine in Mercury Drug Store somewhere in Marikina.

I bought two different colors that I heart most. The Cranberry Cream and Romantic Red.


The color is more lighter than the romantic red. It's almost like a red pink. The fruity sweet smell is good because it didn't bother my nose while I'm wearing it. :D It's not matte but I'm surprise because it's not that glossy which is perfect whenever you feel like to eat or drink. I ate shawarma at the mall while wearing this on my lips and it didn't greased on my food and the color stayed on my lips even after I drink. What I love most about this, it's wearable in daytime and looks great in outdoors. Wearing a red lipstick on daytime and outdoor for me was a bit awkward, but this one is such a girly stuff which you can wear anytime.


I think the color of this one is perfect because it's not really a deep bloody red. Almost like a sweet cherry. It has a fruity sweet smell too which is not really bothering (I honestly hate lipstick that smells like a perfume. It changes my taste buds whenever I eat. ):) This is also wearable on daytime but I think the shimmer is really perfect if you see it at night. I believe this one can break a guy's neck :p. I tried wearing this last night and sleep with it and when I woke up in the morning, it's like I have a red tint on my lips. So cute. :D I didn't apply lip moisturizer today because this lipstick also makes my lips really smooth.

I bought the product in Mercury Drug Store for only P155 each. It's really cheap compared to the other brands yet it has competitive qualities. I think the longevity of this product can last for 3 or 4 hoursIt's really a great alternative lipstick if you can't afford the expensive one's.

There was only one thing that disappointed me.. :(

I don't know if I should call myself a Woman of Steel or a Lips made of Steel. LOL! It's not greasy but I guess It's just too soft. I would recommend to anyone who always uses any brand of lipstick to keep it in cold temperature. It would be better if you can keep it in your fridge so it would stick and won't cut off easily.

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