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Monday, August 29, 2011

HAUL : What's in my eco Beauty Bag? :)

I was at SM Marikina yesterday to buy all the products that I've been using for my beauty regimen. I entered Watsons Personal Beauty Store. As soon as I got there, I picked-up the beauty basket and went straight ahead to the the beauty bars where the products that I wanted are usually located. Some product specialist approached me and was very accommodating. Of course, I knew that they wanted to sell their respective brands but  apparently all the beauty regimen that I'll be purchasing that day was already tattooed on my mind! LOL.

In the middle of the selling-blah-blah-blah, I just smiled back at them and told them that I already know what I wanted to buy so they don't have to bother much. Maybe I'm just not that type of customer who needs so much assistance when it comes to shopping. I trusts my own instinct. Girl's instinct. :p

I went to the cashier right after I got all the stuff that I needed. She punched all the items that I brought in the counter. Then she looked at me with a smile and said, "Ma'am, your bill is P982. Would you like to buy any of these products (pointing some products that are included on their promotion) because when you reach a purchase of P1000, you can get a freebie." I was like, Oh noes, this girl is on selling mode (which I think, not her job). But hell, I like freebies! :D So I just asked her plainly, as if I wasn't really interested, :p "What can I get if I buy one of those?" she said, "An eco bag." She showed me the freebie that I could get at that moment and I got really excited because it was really a cute one. But then my excitement turned into dismay because none of the products were actually belong in my beauty regimen.

this is the cute eco bag.. :(

Then I saw this Cream Silk Straight hair conditioner which was included on their lists and I thought of just buying it because I could use it for my DIY foot spa. Yes, it can be use as an alternative skin softener. If you have a dry skin cells or callous on your feet, just rub it on your entire feet and soak it in a bubble foot spa massager, or if you don't have any, a warm water in a wash tub will do the trick. ;)

Anyways, it was really fun that I bought the hair conditioner but not for the purpose to condition my hair. I honestly use that product before, but I  think it just doesn't matches my hair type. Using the product brought me an intense hairfall! And I got really scared. It was really haunting. I was like a cancer patient who was losing so much hair! LOL. But yeah, I dunno how it happened but I told my self that I will never ever use that product again. :D

Anyways, here are some of the products that are included in my beauty bag. And also, I added some short reviews that can help you choose the product that suits you . ;)


This product is really a skin friendly for me. Unlike Nivea Whitening Milk, this one doesn't grease whenever I got my skin wet specially these rainy days. It has Vit C which is really good to reduce wrinkles and to improve skin texture. It smooths my skin perfectly and it really transformed my dark skin tone into a more natural lighter look.


This soap is an unbelievable skin whitener! We met since I was 19 and now that I'm 24.. still doing a good job! :D All the blemishes I had over my teenage year was gone unbelievably. It doesn't just whitens but it also dries up pimples and takes away all the pimple marks. Hence, if you got a dry skin on face or body, I would recommend you to use moisturizer after using this product. This is really a good stuff. I always recommend this to all my friends and good feed backs are all that I am receiving so far.


This one was a heaven-sent for me! :D It whitens my skin really really fast! I honestly can't go outdoors without applying this on my face and neck. I think they started selling the first trial of this product (which was packaged in a white bottle with a black cap) 4 years ago and right then I already began using it but  2 years later they faced it  out. Probably they just decided to come out with this more sophisticated look. This product moisturizes, takes away all the blemishes, redness, and it protects your skin from UV rays because it has SPF24.


Although I can't actually read it's labels, but I must say that this product is one of the best spa salt ever. If you are aiming to get a whiter underarm or wish to whiten your bikini lines, then this is a must try! It doesn't dries up your skin unlike other whitening spa salt. Try using this before hitting the beach this coming summer! :)


I've already revealed the damage that was done by this hair conditioner. And until now, I'm still searching for the right one that will match the type of my long and rebonded hair. :( Anyway, I'm eyeing right now the Loreal's. This caring shampoo which I've been using for a couple of months deserves a good feedback. I didn't experience falling hair on this one. It's scent is like a sweet perfume and it really made my hair smoother. :)

I guess anyone will agree if I say that white and sweet smelling underarms are really a turn-on specially with the girls. :D Aside from the fact that it whitens underarms, it has a very long lasting effect. You can really enjoy the 24 hour fragrant without sweat in the entire day.


I started using this product for almost two years and it never fails to brighten my skin. The apricot scrub leaves my face really smooth. It's amazing how it erases all the blemishes on my face away. I use this product thrice a week and and doesn't dry my face. I just don't use it whenever I got a pimple or an open wound on my face because it may infect which can lead to a more serious damage.

So there. Those are the beauty products that I've been using religiously everyday and every week. :D I've been quiet loyal to these products for so long (except the hair conditioner :p) because of their consistency and effectivity. :D

That day was amazing because I can't believe I went shopping for less than 10mins. LMAO :D. It's really a time saver when you already know what you wanted.  ;)



  1. Dear Sassy Sushee,

    I was wondering if I can use that yoko product on other areas such as neck, knees and elbows?


  2. I also had that same question pam. This product says that it's made exclusively for armpit and bikinis but I also tried using this on my elbow and knees and to my surprise, yes, it also lightens the area. I'm just not sure if it works for the neck since our skin on that part is much thinner and delicate. I would recommend St. Ives apricot scrub with Brightening essence. But if you really want a spa salt, you may also try yoko spa milk salt which also works for me. :)