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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HAUL : Get prettified inexpensively! :)

Hello beauties!

So, What did I missed? :D  It's been two weeks since I last posted here in my blog and I feel like I owe you girls a lot. :D I gotta blame the pictorial in Ever Bilena for my buzzing sched. LOL

Anyways, I can't wait to show you now the things I bought from visiting malls these past two weeks. :)

Pretty Pink and Gold Bangles
Pink+Gold = Pretty elegant. ( P175.00 @Genevieve Gozum )

 Wish Nail Polishes Beach Babe
The shades that I got are baby blue, hot pink, and ube shake. :D  The nail brush and flower designed finger/toe separator thing is really really cute. I found the colors so pretty so I decided to buy a set. ( P69.00 @Watsons)

Marionnaud Angle Brush N38
It's my first time to try one of their brushes and since I don't have this type of brush in my make-up kit yet, I decided to get this particular brush. It's called N38 Slanted Eyeline and Eyebrow double side brush. What I love about this is the tiny brush which is perfect for the eyeliner and correcting eyebrows. ( P56.00 @Watsons )

False Eyelashes
Can you believe that this very cheap pair of false lashes can be found in a local grocery store? Yes. Surprisingly, it is more cheaper than the one I found in a local store nearby our house which costs P35. :D ( P24.95 @Robinsons  grocery store )

Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation
I remember when I was asked by the marketing manager of Ever Bilena about my favorite among their product lines. I said "I'm inlove with the liquid foundation pro flawless". :D 

The funny and amazing thing about this product was I hadn't read the labels or the desription written on it's box yet, but then I told the marketing manager (and I also kept telling my friends) that I'm in love with the liquid foundation *sshhh* :D The crazy truth behind was, as soon as I bought the item, I would instantly throw the box where the bottle comes out and just proceed using it (I dunno what made me feel like always-in-a-hurry back in college days or maybe I was just too excited whenever I get new stuff :p) and when it works perfectly on my skin, then I would definitely repurchase another one. 

The amazing part is when I finally read the product's labels/description after using it for almost two years! :D Then I only have two words to say: SO. TRUE. :) ( P165.00 @Watsons )

Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit
Aside from it's gorgeous shades which are so perfect for my thin eyebrows :D and very cute mini tweezer, the ultimate reason why I actually bought this kit was because I found the deep matte brown so perfect for contouring purposes. How multifunctional is that?! So awesome, right? It's a compact powder that is so easy to blend on your face. I really can't wait to use this. :) ( P238.00 @Watsons)

HENGFANG Pure Witchery Dip Liner
As you ladies know, I've been quiet experimental when it comes to eyeliner looks. It was my first time to see this eyeliner at the store and I instantly got captivated by the design. It looks like a witch potion which I found really cute. :D I actually didn't noticed the pencil liner(the one you see on the left). But what I noticed first is the liquid liner(the one you see on the right) which is most likely made of a hard pointed material and not a brush. I've been quiet used to on working with an eyeliner brush and not this one although this one is good when you want to extend your eye lining on the corner of your eyes. You can easily work your hand with this particular liner.

The only thing that disappoints me with this product is the alcohol smell in the liquid liner part. Although it doesn't hurt my eyes whenever I apply it, the alcohol smell is way disturbing. :( I wonder how much percent of alcohol do they have to use for this product. :/ ( P57.95 @Robinsons grocery store )

So there, beauties. Another cheap buys that can somehow make you pretty! :) Btw, have you tried any of these products? How did it work on you?  :)


  1. Nice haul dear! Love the bangles! I'm sure you're gonna love the Marionnaud brush :) I have one that I use for my brows and I love it so much that I bought a separate one (the Premium brush) for eyeliner. Hihi

  2. @aya - thanks dear! the angle brush is a winner! it is soft but not weak at all. Now, I'm planning to collect their brushes! :)