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Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombie Make-up Tutorial: Zombabe! :D

I still can't believe that my first make-up tutorial here in my blog would start with a ZOMBIE look! LOL I was actually thinking before that I am going to do something like a sweet-romantic-on-a-date look or maybe more like dramatic make-up for night-outs. :D

Oh well, since we are now counting the days before the Halloween season, I guess it's now time to take-off that pretty face of yours and turn it to a most haunting and horrifying creature(or whatever you want to portray :D) on earth! LOL

like her.. a ZOMBABE :p

Zombies are classic. They are the timeless characters that you wanna watch over and over in a t.v series or in a movie. And tell me who is not guilty of playing it on a computer game. :p Those maybe some of reasons why I chose to recreate my own version of the living dead. Of course, to make it not so boring, I made it seductive, sexy and kinda lustful before eyes.. LMAO She's definitely not the old and boring type of zombie who just eat flesh around and gets a headshot. :D She's definitely hot and loves to play(before grabbing you for dinner bwahaha :D)

Now, let's start!


STEP 1: Get a lighter foundation and a baby powder. Blend the powder and your regular foundation on your palm. The warmth of your palm will help your foundation to blend easily with the powder. Apply evenly on your face and wherever your skin is exposing. You don't have to be flawless. Your skin should look rough and dusty that's why we mixed the baby powder with the foundation. I'm skipping the concealer. I want all my imperfections on my face this time. :D

Materials used:  Johnson's baby powder, Maybelline Clear smooth minerals, Clinique perfectly real make-up


Step 2: In making the artificial wounds, I used a baby powder and a paper glue (much better if you use a lash glue). Squeeze the powder twice or so (it depends on how many wounds you are going to create) and pour a little bit of glue in a small container. Your glue should be enough to absorb the powder. Blend it well using a toothpick and apply it on your face using the same stick. Try to be creative in making wounds. Make a small and big spots at the center of your wounds and leave it untouched. Wait until it dries.

Materials used: Johnson's baby powder, Prince Brand Clear Glue


Step 3: While waiting for your artificial wounds to dry, start now with your eyeshadow. First, lightly dab the navy blue eyeshadow on your face or wherever part you want to zombify your skin. :D Then, lightly strike the navy blue shadow with a red brown eyeshadow. This will create an illusion of bruises. Anyways, you may now notice my hairband. I wore it because my hair was messing up with the glue on my face. LOL :D

Materials used: Ever Bilena Cosmetics Collection Set-A, Careline Eyeshadow & Blusher

Step 4: With the red brown eyeshadow, apply it around the perimeter of your eyes. Gently blend it in a circular motion.

Materials used: Careline Eyeshadow & Blusher

Step 5: With your darkest brown eyeshadow, apply it as well around the circle of your eyes. Keep the red brown shadow peaking. In my case, I use a coffee color to substitute my dark brown shadow.

Materials used: Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit

Step 6: Using your darkest black eyeshadow, apply it on your eyelids as well as underneath your eyes. To get the color more intense, I wet my brush before  dabbing it on my eyeshadow.

Materials used: Ever Bilena Eyehadow Cleo


Step 7: I swear I didn't paid so much attention on my lips. I just wanted it to look it creepy yet sexy. LOL Apply the black pencil liner on your inner lips. Also, apply the dark pink lipstick to create a gothic look. Cover it with a lipgloss.

Materials used: Nichido Girls Night-out Blackest Black 01, Ever Bilena Cosmetic Collection Set-A, Wet n' Wild Lipgloss 


Step 8: By this time, your artificial wounds are already dry(if not, try drying it in front of your e-fan, it works for me :D). Wet your brush, gently dab it on your black eyeshadow and apply it on your artificial wounds. If you used a black glue, you may want to skip this step. :)

Materials used: Ever Bilena Eyehadow Cleo

Step 9: With your light brown eyeshadow or a tan shade, use your finger to dab it on top of the black shadow. The color becomes more pigmented if you are using your finger instead of brush in applying eyeshadows. 

Material used: Careline Eyeshadow & Blusher


Step 10: Finally, you may now shade all the spots that we left untouched earlier with a dark brown pencil liner. And using the dark pink lipstick(use something like a bloodshot color), the one I also used on my lips earlier, get the color using your lip brush, pour a little bit of lipgloss and dip it on the spots of your artificial wound. Lip brush is more easier to use because you can shade the smaller spots. :)

Materials used: Ever Bilena Perfect Eyebrow Dark Brown,  Ever Bilena Cosmetic Collection Set-A, Wet n' Wild Lipgloss 

When you're done, wear your sexiest dress and don't forget your red stiletto. Dress to kill babe! Rawr! :)) 
I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial. Have fun and Happy Halloween to ya'll! :)


  1. Wow you did a great job! I really like it!

  2. nice.. I love it hehe! The paper glue and the powder is a genius idea. <3 <3 <3

  3. @miko - thanks dear! glad you liked it. :)

    @pamy - thanks! one crazy idea! LOL :D

  4. wow this is some crazy shieet! you are so good and creative....bringing the horror to Halloween.

  5. @mishi - yeaaahh! thanks so much! :)

  6. so scary but awesome hahah love it!