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Friday, November 11, 2011

Photoshoot Experience with the Ever Bilena Beauty - Ms. Diana Menezes.

Jinglebells*   :D

Halloween was over and yes, Christmas is coming to town! :D (too early I know! lol) Time just flies soooooo fast! And before you know it, you are unwrapping your gifts under the Christmas tree. :))

Speaking of gifts, :D Remember when I blogged about our winning moment in Ever Bilena Best Friend's Delight Promo? My pretty sister and I were finally able to experience and enjoy the photoshoot with the gorgeous Ever Bilena Cosmetic beauty endorser, Ms. Daiana Menezes! Yay! Now, this is what you call an early gift! :D

The shoot happened last month somewhere in Makati. I know, it took me a while before blogging this. Please, forgive my lazyness. :))

Oh well, moving on to our pictorial, here are some of the pics I've taken during the shoot. Please bare with my phone's cam. :( My digicam's battery didn't work for wth reason..  grrr.. bummer! Anyways, I hope these can still give you happy thoughts. :)

 My pretty sister, Joy. Totie(Ever Bilena's MUA) gets her ready for the shoot. :) 

Hey, that's me! Taking photo using my phone's cam!  LOL

The Best Friends and Best Sisters!  :D

Oh, there's our beautiful Amiga! Guess what she's doing?? :D She was putting back her mole on her face with pencil liner! LOL She's really funny and charming! :D Her make-up artist concealed her mole but she wants to show it on the pictures! She believes that a mole brings good luck and anyone should consider it as an asset! What a lady! :) 

Here's another pic of her before she poses on the camera. I liked it when I overheard her say about whenever she's asked by friends if what brand of make-up she's using, she would instantly show her make-up kit which includes Ever Bilena Cosmetics products. LOL! :D And she said, " Yes, I use it because the products are really good." I never thought that she's not only an endorser, but she also a brand's user. It's good to know that she believes on the product that she endorses. Good job. :D

Us. :D It's hard to recall how many times we are mistaken as twins and how many times I am mistaken for her. It's funny because she also have the same story. Gawd, do I look like 30ish?? hahaha! But the truth really is, my sister is waaaaaay prettier than me and she has unbelievably younger looking face! :D (Sis, I'm smelling a Starbucks coffee treat for this! lol) The thing is, I'm just hot. That's all I am. LOLS! :P 

The red lipstick power with Ms. Daiana!  love, love, love! :D

Who kicks ass?! :D She's FHM's Cover Girl last October! :D So I didn't miss the chance getting her signature over my mag. She even gave my sister a copy of the magazine and signed it herself. She's soooooooo kind. :) My brother got really envy for not coming with us. :)) He hates make-up, yeah right. :p

see more pictures on their facebook page, click here. :)

Yummy merienda and coolers were served! :) 

I have to give credits to their team because they were so accommodating. They treated us nicely and well. :) I'd like to thank the marketing manager, Niño Mas and the brand manager, Mark Charles Salecina for helping us experience such once in a lifetime moment. :D I hope there will be more promos to come like this :p And, also we'd like to thank their make up artists, Totie and Anna. They really did an awesome job. :) To Ms. Daiana Menezes, for having such a kind heart. She's really a sweetheart. I really hope to see her again soon. :)

Oh by the way, our pictures together with an article will be released on December in different magazines! (MOD magazine, Mega etc.) Yay! It's part of the Red Lipstick Promotion next month. How cool is that?! :D

Finally, the photoshoot bonding experience is done and yes, we went home wearing the alluring red lipstick and big smiles on our faces! We had so much fun together and we really can't wait to see that fun onto the glossy paper! :D 

Thanks for reading! Catch y'all again soon! :)

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