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Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Traveller's Make-up Bag at Watsons Personal Beauty Stores

Say yes to Freebies, ladies! :D

Don't you like getting something for free whenever you go out for shopping? :D They're like reliever from your extravagant spending on unnecessary items, right? :D  (alright, smile if you think those items fall under your NEED category! LOL)

I was at Watsons Store yesterday to buy some new stuff that I could use for make-up gigs. I've been actually eyeing JML ProCeramic Straightener for quiet a long time now and finally I was able to buy my own. I really love how it works. It straightens and curls at the same time. Pretty amazing. Anyways, let me know if you want a review on it, alright?  :)

Anyways, I have to give credit on Sales Assistant who assisted me yesterday in Watsons, Sta. Lucia Mall.
Some SA really annoys me a lot whenever I shop but this girl made a good job. I like her style.
She did not just sell her iron straightener but also introduced me to Watsons monthly freebie. And because she was an extremely good sales-talker, I was able to get a free traveler's make-up bag in pink! :D

It's really pretty in pink! (please forgive my make-up mess :p) Even though all of my cosmetics wont fit there, I am so glad that I can still use it for personal use. :)

How to get this freebie?

In case you are wondering how I get the freebie make-up baggy, you have to get a minimum purchase of 1,500php. You also have to include one or more of Watsons monthly featured products in your purchase. I wish I was able to take a photo or jot down their featured products so that you could see the lists but unfortunately, I got really busy getting my hair curled up by the SA. :D

Anyways, here are the things that includes my beauty basket. I got Marionaud's brushes, Elf mechanical eyelash curler, Ever Bilena Mascara Duo with Silicon Brush, JML, and Kojie San soap. I was so happy to know that Kojie San belongs to the featured products. As ya'll know, I am a number one fan of this soap. So, at that moment, I did not even think twice picking it up. :D

So, there! You can visit Watsons Personal Beauty Store to check out the list if you also want to avail their monthly freebie. Who knows, your favorite beauty tool might also include in their featured products. :)

What about you? What's your freebie experience? Share! :D

Thanks for reading one of my random happenings! Stay gorgeous ya'll!  :)


  1. wow what an awesome freebie!

  2. I got a couple of Marionnaud brushes from Watsons too and I would really love to get more when I go back to the Philippines. :)

    Please do get in touch with me. I like talking to Filipina beauty bloggers like myself. :))

    1. Hi dear! Gosh, it took me a while before replying! LOL Their brushes are amazing! Hope to meet you someday when you get back here in Manila! :)

  3. freebieess!!! :D

    nice blog, btw! :)

    1. Thank you agatha! Would l0ve to visit your blog!