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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Haul: November's Favorite!

I can't believe we're almost half way in November! I can now foresee the shoppers going gaga in different shopping centers to get all the good buys for Christmas! :D And tell you what, I'm going to be one of them few days from now for sure.. LOL!

Who doesn't like shopping, right?  Men?  False. They love it as much as we do. But the thing is, we all have our specific needs and wants. Men get what they think belongs to them. We get ours. Men are just impatient sometimes when us, girls, think so loooooooong before we deal.  :D

Well, I think that is what makes us more interesting. Ayt?  ;)

I wasn't really planning to buy any beautifiers this past two weeks (except the ones on my can't-live-without beauty regimen list) because I'm kinda saving my money for more important things. :p  But geeezz! I bet you know the feeling once you enter the mall and see lots of good buys! You just can't help it, right?! LOL Anyways, most of the stuff I bought are unbelievably cheap but in a good quality. Fair enough. :D

So I got 15 items to show you for now.  :)

Olay Total Effects 7 Cleansing Benefits in 1
Cream Cleanser
This is my first time to try this cleanser and it's amazing how it hydrates my skin instantly. I really felt weird with my skin lately like there's something going wrong with my face. It looks dry and old. :( So I didn't think twice getting this product when I went to the mall. It costs like around P200 in Robinson's grocery store.

A & W Wet & Dry Application Powder
Perfect Cosmetics
This application powder comes out with two shades, a compact mirror and a sponge applicator. The shades are white and nude. I bought this powder because I used the white one on my nieces who went trick-or-treating last Halloween. I got nothing but candies in return. :( LOL! But it's ok in the name of Love! :D If you want a more intense look, apply it using  a wet sponge. It goes really well. :D Price is P75.95 in Robinson's grocery store. 

Ever Bilena Advance Cream Eyeshadow
I love the shades, they are very pigmented. I got gold, aqua blue, and a black. Well, honestly, I love Ever Bilena goodies but this one DISAPPOINTED me. A lot. I'm planning to give my own review for this very soon. It costs is P95 in Watsons.

Romantic Beauty Mascara 
Who doesn't like a glittery stunning finish, sweet smelling, and very affordable mascara. :D I went crazy when I saw this so I grabbed two shades. White/silver and gold. I really can't wait to use this. Maybe in my tutorials. LOL It only costs P57.95. Isn't it a good buy? :D 

Godiva Lico MAX Lipgloss
So aside from the awful dry skin experience, my lips got also dry and chappy. Applying petroleum jelly on my lips every night helped me a lot but I wanted something that I can use in daytime. This lip gloss is perfect for everyone because it has beeswax, vit C and SPF15. :D It also has the Licomax which helps to lighten up your lips. And surprisingly, you can also apply it on your nipples if you want a natural and pinkish tone. I'm sure that you wont get enough of it's cherry bubble gum flavor like I do. I'm so loving it now :D It costs P115 in Mercury Drug Store.

L.A COLORS Pressed Powder
This tan shade pressed powder gives a soft finish on someone who has a dark skin tone. I have used this to my friend who has a lovely tanned skin type and it looks perfectly on her. It also works for my face contouring because it leaves a hint of natural finish. I bought it for only P100 in Riverbanks Mall. Argh! I forgot the name of the store. 

Ever Bilena Amethyst 
I find this bronzer looks just perfect for any skin type. I so love the shimmer! It costs around a P100 at Robinsons 

Miss Beauty UV Resistance BB Whitening Spray
Its product description says that it has natural plant nourishment, block UV damages for skin, high permeation, combine function of foundation, makeup base, and BB cream. Please let me know if you want a review on this. :) It only costs P75.95 in Robinsons grocery store.

Wet 'n Wild Super Jumbo Body Crayon
I love the shimmery silver shade of this body crayon. I bought it because I find it multifunctional. But I use it on my eyes a lot. :D It only costs P85 at Riverbanks Mall. VERY. CHEAP. :D

Nature's Valley Vitamin E
Hey, look what I found! I saw this repacked vitamin E from Nature's Valley at the same store inside the Riverbanks mall. Hmmm.. the store is not a certified drugstore and I don't like taking drugs or any vitamin that is not catered by a certified drug store. But I do trust Nature's Valley because they make healthy goodies for customers. I think I will just use this product for my DIY facial care. It costs P30/30 capsules.

Jordana Lipstick
Right at the same store in Riverbanks mall(yep! they sell lots of imported cosmetics and other beauty stuffs), I bought this mauve silk pencil lipstick. I so love the color and the pigmentation. It gives my lips some kind of a pouty look because of its silky texture. It costs P85.

Now, here are the lists of my "cant-live-without" beautyfiers..  :D

NIVEA Extra Whitening Cell Repair Protect
 Product description tells that it is specifically developed for the needs of Asian skin, offers concentrated whitening from nature for extra fair and radiant skin. its 50 times higher antioxidant Vitamin C concentration protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun even with frequent sun exposure.

So true. For almost 4 years of using this product, its consistency in giving me a smoother, fairer, and brightening my skin never fails. And even under the humid weather, like what we have here in the Philippines, I love the fact that it's not greasy at all when you apply it onto skin. It's really fast absorbent. :D

Olay Natural White Rich
So the reason why Watsons(i'm not sure with other beauty stores) had a buy1 take1 promo of this last month was because they repackaged. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to avail that promo! :(( Oh well, yep! Here's the new look of Olay Natural White. It still has its SPF 24, combined effect of fairness cream, spot remover, and moisturizer. And oh, they made it Rich! :D 

I'm not really after with the packaging or if it's "Rich-er" than before as long as the product still gives me the same old result (more hopefully than it could give), then I'm gonna be a happy and satisfied customer. I think the packaging is now more classy which I find perfect for it's lovely customers like me. :P Same price as before, around P349

Twinings Green Tea Collection
Yep! I am a tea girl! :D I drink a lot of tea lately.. it's good for the body plus it's anti-ageing! (oh, the beauty freak in me! LOL) You should read my previous blog why I so love tea! :) click here.. It costs around P210

KOJIE SAN Skin Lightening Soap and Dream White Anti-ageing Soap
This is my all-time favorite lightening soap. I decided to buy the Dream White anti-ageing since I got 25 years of age last month. LOL! It's funny how I think of starting to use more anti-ageing benefited products. :( (beautyfreak! :P) Remember, prevention is better than cure! :D I know, we'll get old. But please, not now.. :D

So there, once again, those are my November's favorite! :) All the products are bought in the Philippine money (Php). And oh, please, please, please, be aware that these products may satisfy me and may be perfect on my skin but that doesn't mean that it may also suit perfectly on yours. :( 

May I suggest to everyone to do a patch test product first on your arm(or feet) before using any kinds of product specially the ones we apply on the face. Wait for 24 hours after the patch test. If your skin gets any irritation, redness, or itchiness, then skip using the product. Always find the one that befriends your skin. 

Anyways, what's in your favorite list this month? Share! :)

Thanks for reading everyone! Stay gorgeous ya'll! 


  1. i really like kojie san. i tried them.

  2. that godiva lipgloss i used to use in college is now in a yummy CHERRY BUBBLEGUM flavor? WANT! NEED!

  3. @pam - Good to know it works on you! :)

    @Nyxielove - Yep, love it too! :D

  4. Review on the BB Spray :) Does Robinsons still have that kaya?

    1. Ok, since you guys are asking for it, might as well take it for the next review! :)

  5. Review pls!!! Review for miss beauty bb spray! :D

    1. Ok, since you guys are asking for it, might as well take it for the next review! :) thanks dear

  6. in which robinsons grocery store have you seen miss beauty bb spray?