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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

REVIEW : Romantic Beauty Mascara (Glitter Mascara Review)

Hi everyone! :)

It's time to review the CHEAPEST yet GORGEOUS, glitter mascara I've ever found here on earth. :D

Come on, ladies! We are on our way to holiday season. Let's glitterfy not only the Christmas tree at home but also our lashes to get that glamorous and stunning look! winks*  ;)

Remember when I included this lovely mascara in my last haul, November's favorite? As you can see, I bought two shades of this glitter mascara. Silver and Gold. 

See how it looks..

the brushes..

the pigmentation of colors..

Now, It's time to review how it works! :)

My happy thoughts:

It's very cheap. It only costs 57.95 @ Robinson's grocery store.

Sweet scented.

It has a very refined glitters which may not cause any irritation to eyes. 

My eyes and skin didn't get irritation after using it as well as with my two friends.

Long lasting effect.

You can easily remove it by washing it out or using a make-up remover.

Fast drying. It doesn't flake or smudge.

My not-so-happy thoughts:

I hope the wand has more thicker bristles so it can coat fairly the lashes. 

The packaging looks cheap. I think the lesser the flower thingy drawn on the package, the more classier.

Take a look at this vanity photos. With the help of my girlfriends, I was able to create a glam look using this mascara. 

Snowy Smokey Eyes Make-up

Glamorous Green and Gold Make-up

Nevertheless, I am a happy and satisfied customer. I know it's crazy, but I am now planning to collect all the available colors and hopefully play with them again soon. I promise to post more about it.  :P

By the way, I'd like to thank my girlfriends, Jhoana and Anah for modelling for this review. Good job, ladies! :)

Have you ever used any glitter mascara? If yes, on what occasion did you wear it?

Thanks for reading, everyone! Stay gorgeous ya'll!  ;)


  1. wow these looks are great!! and you are so pretty ^___^ Now I really want to get some glitter for my eyewear hahah <3

  2. You are quite talented! This is beautiful!

  3. @Vyvy - thanks dear! yeah it's perfect for holiday parties ;)

    @jenwoonani - thanks dear! ;)

  4. Super lovely!!! the colors are so high-fashion makeup look..the packaging looks cute naman sa pic..~(^_^)~

  5. @janet - Yep sis! Somehow, it is. mejo flowery lang talaga, with bling-bling (diamonds :p). I'm sure they can Improve it pa so it can be more eyecandy. Anyways, I still love it hehe.. thanks! :)

  6. Thanks for visiting myblog and following!! OOOO i love that mascara!! its so different.

  7. omg, the way you put your makeup is amazing and i love your profile picture.. you are freaking gorgeous :)

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  8. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    You've a nice blog and I'm your new follower.

  9. @M.V - Yes. It is! Thanks! :)

    @keschen - Thanks dear! glad you liked it! :)

    @bebe- thanks!

  10. This is really creative! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm following you now!

  11. @gellie - Thanks dear! :)

    @Kim - thanks! And for following as well! :)

  12. This is interesting! I haven't tried glittery mascaras though as I'm not too bold to wear bright and glittery makeup.. I know, I'm boring! hahaha.. XD

    PS: Following your blog now sis.. ^^

  13. So pretty~ reminds me of the ice queen in Narnia~ I haven't seen glitter mascara since I was like 12 haha~ glitter was so shunned for so long, and now it's back - seen those Miu Miu glitter pumps? Two or three years ago people would have been like 'omg stripper shoes' haha

  14. @justine - Thanks dear! You got a nice blog too! following you there :)

    @sumi Go - LOL sis i think mascaras like this is super cool but it chooses events to wear to :D

    @Chococcuro - Thanks dear! That is so true! LOL

  15. will drop by robinson's grocery store later. been thinking about holiday make up ideas and you certainly made me think about creating glittery looks. thanks for the review and i'm following you back! :)

  16. I love the green and gold look. It's not the one you commonly see around. And only a few people can pull it off! You're definitely one of them! Good job! :)

  17. I want those mascara! I think it's great for fashion make up :) I agree with you with the packaging lol
    Do you have any tutorial for the "Snowy Smokey Eyes" look?

  18. @anna luisa - Good luck then dear! I'm quiet surprise about their make-up stuff there coz I usually pick beauty goodies on Watsons. :D Thanks for following as well. :)

    @alyssa yu - Oh, that's true! thanks dear. :)

    @kim - Yeah! the flower thingy is really disturbing, right? lol Aww, I wasn't able to make a tutorial for it, but I might do it one of these days. ;)