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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

REVIEW: Ever Bilena Cream Eyeshadow

Hello everyone!

How's your day goin so far?

 The heat is killing me slowly these days here in Philippines. Argh.

Happy thoughts, anyways. :D This freaking heat won't stop me from going out and check out my fave stuff in the beauty world. (Agree if you also do. winks*) 

Two weeks ago, I was thinking of buying a cream eyeshadow that I could use as a base for a more pigmented eye make-up look. So today, I'm going to give my happy and not-so-happy thoughts about Ever Bilena Cream Eyeshadow. If you are thinking of getting a cream eyeshadow, I hope this review can help you.

First, Take a look at the whole packaging..

I decided to get Sandra (set name). There are actually different color combinations to choose from but I believe that aqua and gold can create a youthful look on anyone. :)


Now, It's time to review how it works! :)

My happy thoughts:

  • The colors are obviously well pigmented.

  • It can substitute your eyeliner.

  • 3 shades in 1. Affordable for only 95php.

  • It lasts LONG.

My not-so-happy thoughts:

  • The packaging sucks. It comes out with a three layered crappy containers with an applicator. I don't know how they call it but the head part of its container has no locking ring. It can easily slip off and mess up inside your bag or make-up storage.
  • And, yes! It slipped and the eyeshadow messed inside my bag because of it's crappy containers. Great. Grrr.
  • The long lasting effect annoys me a bit because it's really hard to remove. My ordinary make-up remover didn't work. Washing it with soap and water didn't work as well.  LOL! I prefer to use petroleum jelly in removing it.
  • It will give you a hard time in applying under a cold atmosphere because it gets hard and dries up so fast. It gets useless because you can't even take it out of the container. (Tip: Warm it first before applying.)


Absolutely not. 

Anyways, I was able to create two different looks using this cream eyeshadow..  ;)

Honestly, they have created perfect shades and pigmentation but I think they could phase this out and come out again with a more quality and good packaging cream eyeshadows.

Have you ever tried using cream eyeshadow as your make-up base? What did you use? 

Thanks for reading! Stay gorgeous ya'll!  :)


  1. Oh, wow great makeup! Pllus is super cheap and really nice! Will def try this too. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. thanks for following! i love all your eye makeup experiments. so pretty!
    will definitely follow.

    btw join my giveaway too <3

  3. @noelle Chantal - Thanks dear! Goodluck to you then :)

    @the perpetrator - Thanks sis! I'd love to join.. i'll check your blog out! :)

  4. what a dramatic look! the colors look so pigmented.
    i love how they look on you although it is a shame you aren't so happy with them. ;)

  5. @lena - exactly! the pigmentation is amazing but the packaging is so not user friendly! lol

  6. I don't like this packaging, too. But the product itself looks so pigmented!

  7. sorry you don't like the product :( for what it's worth, the look you created is absolutely gorgeous :)))

  8. my sister has this and i never know what she does with it since i have never ever seen her use it haha! :) thanks for the review. i guess i won't be using this either.

    you did an amazing job on your eotd! :D

  9. wow, they are super pigmented (: shame about the packaging !!

    CMPang x

  10. wow you look fabulous!
    They look extremely pigmented, it's amazing D:

  11. thanks! I really appreciate all your comments ladies :) As I have said, I just hate the packaging but i have nothing against the product itself.. :)