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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Girlfriend's After-Break-up-Make-up Look :D

"Isn't it sad when there's too much pain in your heart, and the only person you want to talk to and can make you stop crying is exactly the same person who made you cry?"

Duh. I know. That love quote sucks. Really! :D

Breaking up is hard but it can be a positive experience if you allow it to be. Remember that crying over someone and depression is NOT sexy! :D But when you think of it as a learning experience, you will grow, become stronger, and you will definitely look more attractive! :D Yep, been there, I think that explains who I am now wink* LOLS :P

But who the hell am I talking to anyways?!!  LOL :P 
Two of my girlfriends just had a bad break-up recently(makes me wonder if there's such a good thing in break-up :P). So being such a concerned gorgeous friend(which I really am :P), I found a perfect way to make these girls happy instead of committing themselves into suicide..  LOL (they're not gonna do that I swear :D) Enough of the break-up thing, alright? Let's do that make-up thingy! :D
Good thing I was able to convince my girls to give them some make-up make over. :D

Let me just give you some tips on how I did their eye make-up..

Meet my friend, Anah. She's wearing the "Dream Love Make-up". I'm inspired to do this look because I really find pink and purple eyeshadow very romantic and sexy while the hint of the shimmered sky blue on her lids calls for a calm evening. Her lips has a touch of rosy lipstick. :)


Now, here's Jhoana. She is wearing the "Dancing in the Moonlight" look. Again, I played with pink and purple tone on her lids and a hint of shimmered gray on her upper lid. With a hot pink lipstick, it makes her look more seductive yet playful.


For her second look, I used a shimmered turquoise eyeshadow on her lids. I also added black and shimmered gray on her outer lids and kinda smoked it out. It's more like a "sexy turquoise" look. I applied a hot pink lipstick on her lips as well.

Now, tell me who experienced a bad break-up?! LOL Don't worry girls, I'm not gonna tell your story. :P  I'm just happy to know that my make-up skill has somehow taken part of your moving-on process. :D We had so much fun in our make-up session so we didn't miss the chance to capture all the crazy moments.. :D

Don't you think make-up brings love and happiness? :)

Thanks for reading! Stay gorgeous ya'll! :) 


  1. awww, that's so sweet of you, I hope your friends feel better soon and move on. I really miss doing this with my girl friends. I should prolly give them makeup makeovers. I'm sure it would be fun.

  2. sweet post, the colours are very vibrant (:

    CMPang x

  3. @hollie - thanks dear, i'm sure they will. yep, it's a great way of bonding. :)

    @Mai. thanks!

    @pam, thanks! we need to do this also hehe even though there is no breaking up happenings :D