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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lootbags: Sent! #ThankyouEverBilenafortheawesomemakeup :)

We won! :D

Remember a month ago when I posted about joining in Bestfriend's Delight promo in facebook? Your click on the like button of our photo entry made us winners! And I am so greatful to tell you guys that me and my sister are now enjoying the goodies from Ever Bilena Cosmetics. :)

These 'lootboxes' were sent via LBC, last Friday early morning at our house. One for me, and one for my best sister on earth! :D

Can I just thank the one who wrapped these boxes so neatly? :D I really appreciate the effort! hihi I dunno but I really love seeing a gift that is wrapped up so creatively and neatly :)

I know, it took me a while to blog about this promo like I said I would update you as soon as we won. It's because I was still waiting for them to drop the lootbags on our doorsteps :p and of course, we're still kinda waiting for the photoshoot with the latest FHM cover girl and gorgeous Ever Bilena model, Ms. Daiana Menezes! :D

Anyways, I know you ladies are now excited to see the beautifiers which we got from winning. And I am also so excited to share it with you! :D Now, meet my new babies.. :)

EB Advance lighting Lipgloss
I still can't get over with this lighting lipgloss! It's captivating red color is so perfect on my lips! :D The lighting effect is so crazy! So cool! :)) The light automatically turns on whenever you lift-up the cap. (I know you can imagine me saying these words. I sounded crazy! LOL ) forgive me if I really can't get over it. :p :D They sent me two glosses but my girl friend took one of it IN-A-WINK-OF-AN-EYE. That fast! LOL! I'm so excited to use it in a fun night-out! :) 


EB Extreme Lipstick
They sent each of us two of my fave lipstick! Yay! I am so lucky that the colors are different from what I've already boughtAmbrosia and Adore U added in my extremes collection. :D Sorry but I'm not gonna say more about these lipsticks for now because I'm planning to give it an exclusive review soon. :)

EB Advance Sheer Compact Powder
I must say that I am a bit 'choosy' when it comes to getting the right compact powders because I believe that picking the wrong one could instantly bring little enemies on your entire face. LOL! (yep, I've been there! :p) So, for this one, I will probably try using it first for a month or weeks before giving my full review or recommending it to anyone. Anyways, I've already tried using it once, and so far it didn't cause my face any irritation, no cakey finish, less oiliness the entire day and lightweight feeling on face. So far, it's doing a good job.

EB Garden Flowers
Geez! I swear, these colognes reminded me of my Victoria Secret Perfume. The packaging is so VS! LOL Maybe it is part of their marketing strategy. They sent me two bottles. Yay! Scents are Cherry Blossom and Apple Blossom. I love it's sweet scents (reminded me again of err.. :p ) but it doesn't really lasts that long. If you wish to have an inexpensive cologne but has almost-same-smell like VS :p, then this is a great substitute for the expensive one. :D


EB Cheek Blush with UVA/UVB Protection
Just like picking the right foundation for my face, I am also picky when it comes to choosing a blush. It's my first time to use this one and I'm quiet amaze that they were able to choose the right blush color that's perfect for my skin color! :D I also love the fact that it is formulated to provide the much needed sun protection as well as infused with Vit E, C, and K to moisturize, soften, and enhance your radiance. I guess I found my new blush. I am ready to dump my old one. :)

EB Cosmetic Collection
OMG! Thank you EB for this because I've been actually eyeing this one whenever I go to the mall. I really wanted to buy one for myself but I was also thinking if they will include this in my lootbag. LOL! I got really excited when I saw this one. I really love the colors of the eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick! So perfect! :D You'll be surprise if I tell you that all my photos above are colored by this awesome pallete. :D 

More vanity photos using this Cosmetic Collection.. :D

Again, Me and my sister would like to thank everyone who liked our photoentry. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much! This is an early birthday gift for me so thank you so much guys. :)

And oh, who will forget the one who took our awesome photos which we submitted in EB fanpage? LOL! It's my dear cousin, kuya RB. Thank you beks! Mwah! :D I hope we can bring you in the shoot. :)

And yes, the photoshoot is coming real soon! *Excited* Of course, I wont forget to update y'all about the happenings. :)

Anyways I hope you enjoyed our gifts as much as we are enjoying it. :p Have you tried using any of the make-up in our lootbags? Tell me which one do you like most. :) 


  1. It looks amazing! I've never tried it!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. Hello! Wow those EB products really look good, I haven't tried those but I might now after seeing this entry hihi. I really admire makeup/beauty blogs just like this, actually these blogs made make my own although mine has a different context.

    following you too now :D

  3. Hey hun! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am following you back now!

    xoxo Denise

  4. @wida - yep they do have a quality product and I am happy that they sent me all these :)

    @ella & dennise - thanks! it's my pleasure to be your follower :)

  5. that lighting lipgloss is so cute haha :D