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Saturday, October 22, 2011

REVIEW : Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit

Hello ladies! :)

If you have read my last haul, I included Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit in my shopping bag. And after using it for a couple of times, I've decided to share my review now to give you some info that may help you ( i wish :p ), in case you are planning to buy an eyebrow kit or if you are eyeing to get this particular product. ;)

so this is how it looks like, 

and the shades,

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The eyebrow liner is in compact mirror. It has a mini angle brush and also a mini tweezer. It comes out in a square plastic brownish box and at the back of it, it says, Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit contains two shades of easy to blend compact powder, mini tweezer and eyebrow/liner brush. Color, shape & define your brows with 2 complimentary shades of powder in 1 kit.

DIRECTION (to use): Use flat end of brush to apply brow powder. Apply dry to make brows look natural or wet for dramatic look. For eyeliner, apply to lash base. Softly follow the curve of your eyes for a perfect look. 

I've already use this product ( twice :D ) two days before doing this review. And for the sake of this review, I took some photos for you to see how it looks like while wearing it. ;)

Hello to my no make-up eyebrow look :D  

My Eyebrows with the coffee shade ( this photo was taken nighttime )

My eyebrows with the black shade ( this photo was taken daytime )

As you can see, my brows aren't that thick but somehow,  it is growing in the right place. :p (I dunno but I would always hear that from beauticians whenever I go to the salon. lol Anyways, most of the time, I just wear a thinner line on my brows and not as dramatic as seen in this pictures. :D Here, I just followed the shape of my brows.

Pros :
*the color blends easily.

*the color is quiet flexible; when you apply it dry, it leaves a soft finish; when you apply it wet, the color goes a bit intense, which is good because it could easily compliment on any type of skin tone and hair color. 

*it works good as an eyeliner ( I used it on my pics above ).

*it can also use as a substitute for dark brown matte eyeshadow ( I used it on my pics above ). :D

*it does not grease easily (in case your sweat is running on your face)

*can also use for contouring ( also, I used it on my pics above )

*natural finish

*the price is ok. P238.00 @Watsons

Cons :

*the mini tweezer and angle brush are lame. The tweezer is really hard to use while the brush is too weak.

*it's a bit powdery. If it mess up in palette, it will surely ruin the shades.

TIPS: In choosing the right shade for eyebrow; if you're blonde go to two shades darker than your hair color; brunettes should go one to two shades lighter; and if you're a redhead,picking the right intensity and tone is key. If you're blessed with raven-toned locks, however, a coordinating deep black eyebrow product can not only look too severe, but can add a starkness to the complexion as well. Instead, dark-haired beauties, smoke up. Think shades of charcoal, soft black, gray, almost black, and even mahogany, deep taupe, or dark brown. (from bellasugar beauty tips)

What about you? What do you use for your eyebrows? :)


  1. I've always wondered about this nichido brow kit. Thanks for sharing.

    new follower here. I hope you follow me back. :D

  2. i love your eyes!
    and i love the black charcoal like brow shade on you..
    you look so pretty!

  3. @hollie - glad to help you dear! thanks for following! followed you back. :)

    @diane - thanks! Oh, i'm gonna be using that shade more often then! thanks foe following as well dear :)

  4. hi i just wanted to ask did you use brow gel in setting your brows in your pictures?